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I was on the 660 for her last deployments and decommissioning.  Thank you for sharing this story.  This would be a great one to post in the “USS Sand Lance (SSN-660) Facebook page.  If you are on FB, please search for and join the group.  I just started it a few weeks ago so there are not very many folks in there, but it should start growing soon

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Bernie O'Neill

 By: Floyd Freemen, CDR USN (Retired)

The fall of 1972 the Sand Lance commenced mk 48 work up.  She was the first sub to operationally deploy with with the Mk 48 torpedo

A non refueling overhaul was completed at Portsmouth, commencing in 1975.  However, since she had steamed more than any other sub in the Atlantic for the previous 3 years, a year after the non refueling overhaul she went back in somewhere to be refueled (several years early).  I left as she went into the non refueling overhaul.  Bob Bovey could tell you where the refueling was done.

Just thought I would try to set the record straight.

Floyd Freeman, CDR, USN, retired.