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Mrs.Thomas J. McIntyre

Senator Thomas J. McIntyre
New Hampshire


Awarded    24   October 1963
Keel Laid 15 January 1965
Launched 11 November 1969
Placed in Service 04 January 1971
Initial Builder's Sea Trials 12 July 1971
Commissioned 25 September 1971
Delivered 01 October 1971
Initial Homeport, Charleston 01 October 1971
Final Homeport, Groton 05 April 1995
Inactivation Ceremony 15 January 1998
Final Departure from Homeport 04 February 1998
Deactivated 01 April 1998
Decommissioned 07 August 1998
Stricken Naval Vessel Register 07 August 1998
Entered Submarine Recycling 18 June 1999
Completed Submarine Recycling  30 August 1999

Commander William A. Kennington, U. S. Navy

25   September     1971     Commissioned
December 1971 Shakedown Operations and Weapons Certification
December 1972 Local Operations Charleston Area
April 1973 CNO Special Operations
August 1973 CNO Special Operations
September 1973 Faslane Naval Base, Scotland
December 1973 Assigned to the Sixth Fleet (Egypt and Israel Conflict)
Commander Robert L. Bovey, U. S. Navy
February 1974 Local Operations Charleston ( Sonar Evaluations)
April 1974 Operational Weapons Testing (MK48, SUBROC, CAPTOR)
September 74
March 1975 Mediterranean Deployment
April 1973 CNO Special Operations
December 1975 Local Operations Charleston (Sonar Evaluations)

1976 Overhaul, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia
Commander Michael A. Covell, U. S. Navy

1977 Technical Evaluation of the AN/BQQ-5 Sonar System

1978 A serious flooding event was averted during maintenance when the CO recognized that a flood prevention collar was being installed on the wrong seawater valve.
June 1978 Mediterranean Deployment
April 1979 CNO Special Operations
SECNAV Navy Unit Commendation

June 1979 Panama Canal Transit
June 79
January 1981 Re-Fueling, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA

February 1981 Panama Canal Transit
Commander Hugh M. Doherty, U. S. Navy
November 81
April 1982 Mediterranean Deployment
June 83
March 1984 (3) CNO Special Operations
SECNAV Meritorious Unit Commendation
Commander Orval L. Sweeney, U. S. Navy
July 1987 CNO Special Operations
Commander Hubert D. Hopkins, U. S. Navy
May 88

1989 Overhaul, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine
Commander Brian J. Rabe, U. S. Navy
December 1991 UNITAS XXXII (32-91)

October 1991 Navigated Cape Horn

1992 Western Atlantic, National Security Objectives
Commander Randall J. Slack, U. S. Navy
October 93
March 1994 Mediterranean Deployment

1994 In 1994 Sand Lance, moored ahead of the Grayling in Charleston, almost sank next to the pier due to flooding in the ERLL when a main seawater valve was being removed for maintenance. The blank plates, which are placed over the hull penetrations by divers, were placed over the wrong main seawater openings. The flooding was stopped, but not before most of the ERLL was flooded.
February 1995 Western Atlantic Special Operations

05 April 1995 Homeport Change, Charleston to Groton - CSS2
Commander George H. Baker Jr., U. S. Navy
01 March 31 August 1996 ICE-X 96, Arctic Circle Patrol
05 June 14 June 1996 SORBET Royal 96 Operations, Submarine Rescue Exercise

12 July 1996 Surfaced at the North Pole
SECNAV Letter of Commendation
Realm of the Arctic Circle Certificate
The Domain of the Golden Dragon Certificate
December 1997 UNITAS XXXVIII (38-97) Deployment
17 July

1997 Order of the Spanishman Certificate

October 1997 Navigated Cape Horn, Second Time

30 November 1997 Imperium Neptuni Regis (Shellback) Certificate (Unitas 38-97)

22 December 1997 Returned to Homeport after completing a Final Deployment
Medical "M" Award

15 January 1998 Inactivation Ceremony

04 February 1998 Final Departure from homeport Groton

08 February 1998 Panama Canal Transit
Order of the Ditch Certificate

February 1998 Final Blow from 660' during approach to Juan de Fuca Canyon,
Pacific Northwest OPAREAS

01 April 1998 Deactivation at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA

01 April 1998 Last Cruise Certificate

01 April 1998 Decommissioning Plank Owners Certificate

07 August 1998 Decommissioned, Stricken from the Naval Vessel Register

18 June 1999 Entered Submarine Recycling Program, Bremerton, WA

30 August 1999 Completed Submarine Recycling Program, Bremerton, WA

Reflections of a Commanding Officer

Does the USS Sand Lance (SSN 660) history end with the completion of the Submarine Recycling Program? Does Gene Fluckey's USS Barb cease to exist? Does the USS Sand Lance (SS 381) cease to exist? As we entered the shipyard for decommissioning, we preached that every dollar we saved in recycling the Sand Lance was one dollar more we had to spend toward the New Attack Submarine (now known as the Virginia Class SSN). The Decommissioning Crew finished Inactivation both early and under budget. Every day they were looking for ways to safely speed up the process. And through traditional submarine ingenuity, they found them!

Each new generation is the greatest because it stands on the shoulders of the previous. We recycle the old and keep the best parts to grow an entirely new class of American firepower. Though the last physical evidence of the USS Sand Lance (SSN 660) may have slipped away on 30 August 1999, so long as Americans yearn for freedom, she will live on. So long as Americans yearn for freedom, Sand Lance will never cease to exist. That history will always be a part of who we are. It's in our DNA. And I suspect that none of us would want it any other way.

Captain Baker Signature
Captain George H. Baker Jr., U. S. Navy Retired
Decommissioning Commanding Officer

USS SAND LANCE (SSN 660) Awards include:
 Secretary of the Navy Awards:
 Navy Unit Commendation
 Navy Expeditionary Medal
 Meritorious Unit Commendation
 Letter of Commendation
 Battle Efficiency "E" Awards
 Three Engineering "E" Awards
 Anti-Submarine Warfare "A" Awards
 Communications "C" Award
 Medical "M" Award